Panda where art thou?

I guess it's been a month now and we can end the suspense of what I've been doing for the past few weeks.  Are you ready? Let's go!

Our 1st Medicated Cycle:

The first round of Clomid had it's ups and downs, and while it was a fail, it was interesting.  While taking it, I had zero side effects.  I think I had one hot flash and one "If I had a knife I'd stab you" moment with DH.  Alas, he lived to tell the tale.  After Clomid, I began a short decent into hell.  I had cramps, abominal cramps/gas/painful stabs that almost sent me to the ER, spotting, and nausea every day, all day. It was awful.

The best part? I went through it solo.  On CD12, Hubbo had to go out into the field for work (which I know he could have gotten out of easy, but he's too nice to ask.)  I was already content mentally with the fact that even if Clomid did work, it would have been a failure because my sperm buddy was gone.  I got my progesterone drawn on CD22, and it was a .3.  No O for this chick! That made me feel a lot better about the husband being gone situation.  It wouldn't have mattered if he was here or not, no babies were being made in this uterus! My RE called and said that she still wanted me to wait until CD43 to start provera again.  I was not happy about this....this was putting us at September for starting round two. Ugh.  But then....a miracle happened.  Dearest AF came to visit me on CD35!  This being the first self made period I've had for as long as I can remember, you can imagine all the crazy ranting to myself I did in the bathroom...haha!

So now we're on Round 2, ding ding!!  The RE thought that I just O'd late (too late) so we moved onto 100 mg to see what happens with that.  I have one more pill to take tonight, and then I'm back to OPK madness this week.  I started temping this round too. Apparently I'm part vampire and my temperature is usually around 96 in the morning.  I hope this makes me more appealing to Edward Cullen. Just thought I'd throw that out there..haha.

That's all that's going on in my world!  Work is work, the zoo is never content, and our AC broke again last night so it's a million degrees and asses are sweatin' up in here.  Here's to the next post, which will occur sooner than the one month mark this time, swears.

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  1. Ugh, so sorry you were miserable after taking the clomid. I never have side effects while taking it, they all start a few days after stopping and escalate. At least you o'd so you know it did jump start your body, so hopefully 100mg is all you need. Sending you lots of sticky baby dust!