Missing the Egg

Where does the time go?  Let's play catch up and find out!

We're officially done with Clomid! At our mid-cycle u/s for 150mg, the biggest follicle I had was a 10mm.  No beuno!  At that time due to my poo quality lining, my RE instructed me to go ahead and start on Femara/Letrozole that day and to see what would happen.  I came back a week later (approx. CD11) and to my extreme surprise, we had one big and beautiful 17mm follie! I almost cried right then and there.  It was beyond words to finally have made some sort of response to an ovulation drug.  Two weeks and a positive opk later, I got further confirmation of ovulation with my progesterone being a glorious 18.79.  However, it seems that first egg was too illusive, as BFN after BFN came, and now today I feel the semi-familiar knocking of mother nature on my uterine doorstep.  I guess this will mean a call to the RE's office tomorrow to see what the end of the year will bring.  I'm guessing another round of Femara since I did so well with it this time.  Time will tell. :)

Other than that, not too much has been going on.  J and I had our faux wedding a few weeks ago to commenerate our anniversary, as well as bring our marriage out of the closet for the families.  It's such a big relief to not have to watch what I say anymore, remember to take my rings off during visits, and hide my drivers license when I'm ordering margaritas.  I'll post one of the pictures when I get home today!

We're also mid-moving to a new place.  We're upgrading from our one bedroom matchbox to a three bedroom townhouse.  I'm so beyond excited for all of this space, I don't even know what to do with myself.  Ahh, <3

I guess I should get back to work now...maybe.