Moving on up: Boxmaggedon

Well, we have officially moved into our new place!  And so far, I'm pretty in love.  There is so much more space here I don't know what to do with myself (other than roll around on the carpet, naturally.)  We're still not all of the way out of the other place, but there is only bits and pieces left.  I hope that this is the place where we can bring a baby to! :)

Speaking of,  we did in fact do another round of Femara again, same dosage.  This time I had four follicles on CD12...a 19, 15,14, and 11 mm.  Weee! :)  The doctor I saw this time was actually the head of the IVF department for Walter Reed National Naval Medical Center.  He told me I really didn't need to come back and do ultrasounds since we know for sure it is working, and his recommendation was to do 6 more rounds of Femara before whatever the next step was.  This was contrasting to what the nurse case manager told me, as she said we'd do this round, then one more round, and if we weren't pregnant then we'd have to set up a consult.  He also said there was no point to IUI, but didn't say squat about injectables.  He wasn't my favorite doctor so far. :/ He didn't even let me see the screen when he was probing my ovaries.  He was nice though, which I still rank higher than that first bitch we saw who made me wait three months for nothing. >:(

So right now I'm in my second TWW ever, and having zero symptoms of anything.  Last time all the fun stuff started around 5DPO, so I'll have to wait to see what the weekend entails.  :)  This time I made SURE we BD'd enough, even to the point where my husband was like, "....Aaagaaainnn? whiinnnneee"  Arn't weiners supposed to like booty every five minutes? I am excited to get some recreational love time this weekend though.  I've had my fill of, "Is it hard? Ok, quickie, GO!"  Momma needs some love love time! >:)

My only other milestone I can think of at this late hour, is that a few weeks ago I confessed to my mother and grandma that we were going to see fertility doctors regarding my less than stellar lady parts.  Mom could have given two shits less, but grandma was super excited.  The one thing I miss about being back home is living with my G and getting to spend so much time with her.  Now we're reduced to early morning texting about how crazy American Horror Story is getting.  <3 Her!

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