I can has manslaughter?!

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"Woah lover, when you call my name...No other can do that the same."

I didn't realize I hadn't posted in a few weeks. *cuddles blogger* You know I love you baby.

I started my job two weeks ago.  It's pretty much the place I worked at before, complete with old women who live to bitch and endless amounts of drama. And an incompetent manager.  Since I only plan on having this job until we're pregnant I plan on suffering through it.  I mean, I should in theory be used to it.  It's just such a pain to live through it all again. Lawdy!  Here's to hoping it doesn't take 8 trillion years for my eggs to realize they should probably be doing something other than sitting around collecting dust.

Speaking of--I'm starting Clomid July 9th or roundabout, depending on what that b' AF is going to do.  Not sure I have high hopes for it, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed regardless.

Hubberz had an MRI done on his foot that was hurting him.  They found some mass around his heel, but the results won't be in until this week sometime, and he's conveniently out in the field until Wednesday or Friday.  He also went to a smoking cessation class.  They gave him patches and anti-depressants.  Apparently, anti-d's help with "taking the fun out" of smoking.  Sadly, all of the side effects are horrible, so he'll pretty much be on a PMS-Roid-Rage-athon for 7-12 weeks. I can't begin to tell you how sarcastically excited I am for his mood swings.  Coupled with my upcoming Clomid rage, we might just kill each other.  In fact, if you don't hear from me for more than a month, assume that yes in fact, I have slaughtered him. 

But in the event we both survive, I will be very proud of him for quitting. :)

Das End//

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  1. OMFG This post is too funny. I am glad your husband has decided to quit smoking, I just wish they made it easier for the loved ones as they go through the process. Ugh! Hopefully you two find a happy medium and don't kill eachother in the process, lol. Glad the new job is going well, or as well as can be expected with that group of people=) Hopefully AF cooperates and you can start clomid July 9th! How exciting!