Marketing Schmarketing!

Oh my gosh...I never realized that Facebook marketing was a full time job.  It's all I've been doing for 4 hours! @.@  I guess it is a good thing I don't work..haha. :)   I did made some new clips last night, two of which I was majorly proud of:

I still haven't made any sales yet, which is a bummer, but hopefully that changes soon. :)  At least I hope so, with as much blabbing as I've been doing about this store.  Most people just ignore me, also a bummer. Whomp, whomp!

In other news, we got a new kitten.  Her name is Toki and she is absolutely out of control with her kitten antics! Haha.  She's so cute though, gotta love her.  And I have NO idea what all these animals got into, but between the kitten farts and dog poots, my fur-babies are about to run me out of the house. :)


Blood? I guess I have plenty!

Not only was my "list of things we are testing" so long it cascaded down to the floor and then some, they took 15 vials of blood from my poor food-deprived arms.  While in a normal world, I wouldn't get these results until June when baby-makin-appointment #2 is, whenever that is.  However!--my DH will be able to check them for me in two weeks. Wee! :)

One more round of Provera and 6-7 more weeks until the next step! Mucho excitedo!

Back from Easter Madness!

Easter weekend was both exciting and emotional this year, to say the least.

DH and I took the familiar country roads back down south, with one dog and one cat.  Snapple spazzed out the whole time, whining and crying.  I was having flashbacks to when I had both dogs in the car when we moved up here.  Not good times!   I'd say he shed about 20% of his fur on my backseat too.  Tatem did not go with us, but had a nice little vacation with one of DH's coworkers.  I haven't picked him up yet since we got in so late last night, but safe to say I miss my baby dog! :(

We took the cat back to WV to get him fixed.  When you adopt from the shelter there, the fee includes spaying/neutering.  DH and I went early to drop him off, but before we had gotten out of the vet's office the vet tech ran out to tell us that Kuro's skin was jaundice and that we should probably get bloodwork done.  So we did---turned out his liver enzymes were in the 600s, which they are supposed to be at most in the one to two digit range.  He tested negative for HIV/Leukemia so they said it was more than likely liver disease or some other infection. The Vet also said that he wasn't six months old like the shelter said, he was 2-3 years old. They gave us antibiotics and liver supplements, and said if he didn't perk up in a few days then his survival rate was less than 40%.  What bothers me, was that before this, he was fine.  He loved to sleep (what cat doesn't?) but he was still playful and ate food 24/7.  It's like once he knew he was sick, it was over.  This all happened Thursday.  Friday he was mopey and didn't want to do anything except lay there and purr.  Saturday evening, he couldn't even walk.  He'd take a few steps and then fall over.  Sunday he couldn't move, wouldn't blink, and was barely breathing. We put him down that afternoon.  It broke my heart to see him suffer like that, and when he could barely walk I knew he wouldn't make it the rest of the weekend.  Seeing my husband cry over him was the worst.  We only had Kuro for three weeks--but it was enough for us to get a little attached. I'm glad he didn't spend that time in the pound and that he at least got a chance to feel love before he went to kitty heaven.  We love and miss you Kuro Kitty!

AF also visited this weekend, so I'm going to get a whole mess of blood work done today.  I have to pick DH up around 3 to take him to his optometrist appointment*, so I'm going to go a smidge early and go to the medical center on base to get it over with.  I hate needles, I hate getting blood drawn.  It doesn't help that one of the tests I need done is a fasting glucose, so I haven't ate since last night.  I am starving!  You always want most what you can't have. :)

*This will be the first time DH has gotten his eyes dilated (which I find 2000% hard to believe, because he wears glasses, so I KNOW he's had it done before).  Naturally, I will be taking these moments to torture him in his state of blindness. Mwhahaha!  And it is well justified too, because he is making me drive to Walter Reed.  The last time I drove there by the time I got to it by blood pressure was 155/114.  It is scary as shit, to put it nicely. :)

Guess I'll try to get my laziness out of bed now---It is almost noon after all.



There is nothing I hate more than one of those days where everything is great and fantastic, and then it ends.  Nay--it crashes and burns.

I haven't worked since the end of December.  I know this, believe me.  I've tried, and am trying everything short of prostitution.  I apply to one job or another every other day, and today I even broke down and did the one thing I swore I wouldn't--I applied to Macy's  (I worked there for over 3 years in WV, and never broke $8 an hour...ugh).  None of these facts hinder the judgment I get from my mother, grandma, dad...whoever.  But today, I found out these sentiments are also felt and vocalized by DH's parents.  Really?!  And the more DH talked the further my self esteem dropped.  So I got mad--furious--and sobbed about it in my closet.

Then just when I thought I had recovered, DH tells me about how some guy he works with that I've never heard of before just found out his wife is pregnant and they have ultrasound pictures plastered all over the office.  It is at this point I feel like a 2000% failure.  I have no job, no baby, and no purpose.  Angry cry #2.

The truth is, I don't need to work.  We have plenty extra every month.  And as for the baby crap, I'm trying am I not?  I hate that things I should be happy for just fill me with resentment some days. UGH!

DH stroked my hair while he rocked me on the porch swing reassuring me we'd have 16 asian babies in no time and that I'm the best thing there ever was. Well------alright.

On a positive note, today I:

cut my bangs.
cooked a fabulous dinner.
cleaned most of the apartment.
loved on my puppies.
loved on Mr. Kitty.
had all of the windows open all day.
did some laundry.

Booyah! :)


Catch up!

Welp, I have the apartment to myself until Friday, as DH is out in the field playing soldier. :)  While I do miss him, I take solace in the fact that the house will be sparkling clean until then.  After he packed last night, it looked like a medical supply store and pop tart factory exploded all over my living room.  Pop tarts and surgilube as far as the eye could see!

My birthday went pretty well I guess.  DH made me a cake which was sweet---BUT---he spelled my name wrong on it.  Ah man, I gave him so much crap for it too!  "I'm not sure who Brady is, but I hope he has a Happy Birthday wherever/whoever he is!"  He was "concentrating too hard" in his self defense.  I also had a mini cry-fest when it hit me that this is the first birthday I wasn't spending with family or friends...just DH.  So he took me out shopping and catered to my every whim. :)  My body gave me the worst present of all--my first experience with heartburn. Thanks jerk.

Hmm...what else?  Been working on my Etsy things..I made 5 more clips but I haven't gotten pictures up just yet.  I'm thinking about dabbling in the clay again and making some necklaces too--Can't hurt! :)

http://www.etsy.com/shop/pandalilydesigns  (<- Shameless self promotion..haha :)  What else is a SAHS supposed to do?!)

I was supposed to start taking Provera 5 days ago...but it completely slipped my mind, whoops!  So I'm on day two now.  I feel like time is flying by which is awesome for my impatience.  Is it June yet? Almost!


Tricare Schmicare

Dear Military Healthcare:

You're so weird.

Sincerely, Me

I can't make my appointment for June until May, and I double checked and no--I won't have the same doctor again.

So weird.  Still hoping for the best though and that they are all on the same page.  It makes me nervous.  All physicians are different, and they all have different visions of how things are supposed to go.  But whatever--I'll do whatever it takes to get that BFP!  Even go through THE RING OF FIRE!

Shark bait, OOO HAA HAA!

Country Roads, Take Me Home

Home never felt so good!

This past weekend I took a very much needed trip back to good ol' WV mainly to surprise my wifey-poo whom I missed dearly.  It would have been the best weekend ever had it not been for her (non-existant) tooth who seized the opportunity to be a real bitch, and put her down for most of the 48 hours I was in town.  But regardless, we had delicious food, scrumptious cocktails, and tons of lols.  I feel a lot better now---and I'll be going back in three weeks for some Easterness.

In the meanwhile, while I was only gone for 3.5 days, DH managed to destroy the apartment.  It was the equivalent of Hurricane Katrina in my mind's eye.  Clothes everywhere, trash, plates....even some of the laundry he did do, he threw right on the floor.  Yes--clean clothes on the dog hair floor, regardless that there were 2 (t-w-o....TWO) empty laundry baskets sitting around doing nothing.  So after a six hour car trip, I had to clean like a crazy lady.  Wife was not pleased.  He's lucky he's cute and I'm not a mass murderer. :)

All of this in spite that I brought him home a furry surprise---a kitten!  DH loves cats.  The entire time we've lived here that's all he's whined about "Kittykittykittymeowkitty." We're only supposed to have two animals at our complex, so in my rebellious nature I did it anyway.  So kitty is pretty mellow.  He only ever wants to get his head scratched.  He hadn't been playful until I started typing this--in that moment he decided my Mac cord looked tasty and tried to chew it on up.  Momma was not pleased.  He's also still adjusting to the dogs.  Tatem loves cats---he pretty much is convinced he is one.  Snapple doesn't know what to think, but he's not a fan of the cat's sharp parts.  Hopefully they'll all be friends soon.

My second round of Provera starts tomorrow, and I'm also going to make my follow up appointment for June today as well.  I also possibly found a major gap in what my doctor told me.  She said before I started Provera, each time I needed to POAS "just in case."  If my body worked normally (haha) today would be my ovulation day.  I'm starting Provera tomorrow in order to get my entire cycle as close to 28 days as possible (I take it for ten days, AF shows up 2 days later).  But in a perfect world, if I was preggo, it wouldn't show up for two weeks...as in after I had already taken the other round of Provera.  So doesn't that defeat the purpose of poas "just in case"?  I only ever think of these things long after the fact.  I forgot to do it this morning, but tomorrow I'm all about pee and sticks and such!

Oh--and my birthday is this week! Yay! :)

PS---I'm also having nightmares about this cat and my leather backed couch.